blood bond

But, that’s how life is and how it works, People leave, intentionally or unintentionally, with or without a valid excuse, things have their time of exit from your life, after their chapter has been written, it’s either a lesson or has another follow up chapter waiting for you.

EVERYONE LEAVES. Nothing is stagnant, life isn’t supposed to be stagnant, if it feels motionless then you are setting yourself very low, aren’t living your life to its maximum potential, I mean come on who would want to read a book which has the same storyline recurring.

Honestly speaking, people leaving is not negative it’s you getting steps closer to better chapter if not people then a better lesson. Someone’s chapter ending can either be you having higher walls than you had before and higher expectations from someone or it can make yourself sink in the most demoralising state of being. Both of which do find their destiny, or a ray of hope. And at the end of your book, you will find yourself with a hand full of people who do STAY even after all the insane notion and you will feel and understand why blood has always been thicker than water.

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