the shot

don’t run away from yourself. the person who aches with your bottled up selfish being. 

don’t run away from that, but if you do don’t be scared to get hit,

hit by the shot, the shot of reality, the shot of emotions you were running from. 

if you can’t handle it bit by bit, it simply hits you all at once

until you give up, fall down and surrender to the person you were running away from.

the person looks for you when in need, the person who needs you when hurt, you being the person who’s bleeding, and 

you being the only one who can stop yourself from bleeding. 

so don’t run away from yourself, either way in your story you have to take in the shot of pain, it’s you not running that makes it easier to stay

it’s you facing them bit by bit that doesn’t make it heavy.  so, walk with yourself instead of running away. 

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