Here I land again, back at the very beginning of something one was only beginning to get their grip on, beginning to flight away from, feeling like an alien, the disappointment of the very tree they were suppose to feel belonged in. 

Subsided by the thoughts of yesterday, collapsing by the thoughts of tomorrow. What today holds, eyes don’t have it in them to lift up the weight, just to see the same old draining glance of triggering and stagnant schedules, tired of the constant crashing not fucking laziness.

And we know, everything happens for the best, that they only want the best for us and their intentions are good, they just have a weird way to lay things out on to your plate. but, are we suppose to be looking at the higher frequency of logic or feel our eclipsing emotions they quote as weakness? 

when you try facing one, the other side starts making more sense.

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