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I was going through my old stuff from years ago, AGES AGO and my heart felt heavy, soaked in the feeling of betrayal. The environment I was surrounded by was slowly turning into a state of fatal anoxia. some parts of me still aches from putting up with that mess for so long but, for […]
Here I land again, back at the very beginning of something one was only beginning to get their grip on, beginning to flight away from, feeling like an alien, the disappointment of the very tree they were suppose to feel belonged in.  Subsided by the thoughts of yesterday, collapsing by the thoughts of tomorrow. What […]
don’t run away from yourself. the person who aches with your bottled up selfish being.  don’t run away from that, but if you do don’t be scared to get hit, hit by the shot, the shot of reality, the shot of emotions you were running from.  if you can’t handle it bit by bit, it simply hits […]
the state of overwhelming emotions, the state of self doubt, the state of exhaustion, the state of feeling alone, the state of over flowing failure, the state of unreachable goals and expectations, state of avoided emotions or stress that you bottled up.  if you can’t handle it one at a time, it simply hits you […]
For one has been down that path, the path of expression, the expression of being expressed. A path, felt so broad yet voiced so narrow. so much one feels still can’t seem to put into words, so much one shows yet an expression still goes unsaid, unread. For situation go undone, one tries to fill […]
But, that’s how life is and how it works, People leave, intentionally or unintentionally, with or without a valid excuse, things have their time of exit from your life, after their chapter has been written, it’s either a lesson or has another follow up chapter waiting for you. EVERYONE LEAVES. Nothing is stagnant, life isn’t […]
I love you. you have always tried your best to be there for others, with the most warm and understanding ray to offer.  Things will come back to you with more love, more kindness like no other.   something that you deserve, something that deserves you more like, nothing less than a beautiful ray of hope.  […]